County 1164

County 1164
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County 1164 Farming simulator mods

There are no County 1164 Farming simulator mods available right now. Please contact us if you want to add a mod.

Specificatii technice / Specs

County 1164 Specificatii / Specs

Marca Ford
Model 1164
Ani a făcut 1971 - 1976
Fabrică Fleet, England
Şasiu 4x4 4WD
Ampatamentul 182 cm
Pneu față 16.9-30
Anvelope spate 16.9-30
Greutate 4400 kg
Lungime n/a
Lățime n/a
Grosime n/a
Electrical Grounding n/a
Electrical Charging Amps n/a
Electrical Volts n/a
Hitch Rear Type 2
Hitch Rear Lift 1750 kg
Fuel Capacity 132.5 L
Hydraulics Type n/a
Hydraulics Capacity n/a
Hydraulics Pressure n/a
Hydraulics Valves n/a
Hydraulics Total Flow n/a
Hydraulics Valve Flow n/a
Steering hydrostatic power
Frâne wet disc
Pret de catalog n/a
Engine Type Ford 401S
Cylinders 6
Deplasare 6.6 L
Compression 16.5:1
RPM 2300
Putere brut n/a
Cuplu 396.0 Nm
Cuplu RPM n/a
Putere netă n/a
PTO frontal n/a
Tijă n/a
PTO Spate n/a
RPM Spate 540/1000
Ambreiaj n/a
Cooling liquid
Lichidului de răcire n/a
Purificator de aer n/a
Capacitate ulei n/a
Oil change n/a
Combustibil diesel
Tipul de transmisie n/a
Viteze 8 forward and 2 reverse

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